Yujiro Fudearashi's Work

Through an ingenious sense of color, the white canvas is dyed into the world of Yujiro Fudearashi.
Through this perfect collaboration, the beauty and humility of Japan is expressed.
The fascination of a young up-and-coming artist moves us..
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About Fudearashi

Learn About Fudearashi world & hand made paper.

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To what extent are we able to control a sense of color that is almost an act of God?

wonders the young, up-and-coming artist Yujiro Fudearashi. Changing vivid Copics at will, a sense of color that cannot be explained, as if arising form an alternate dimension, rules over the blank white canvas. Everyone who lays eyes on the works of Yujiro Fudearashi is sure to be awed by his possession of "the greatest talent on Earth".Copic markers are alcohol-based markers sold by .Too. Copic markers are known for their countless variety of colors. As can be seen in the pictures and videos, like a child enjoying a coloring book, Yujiro Fudearashi does not hesitate. That lack of hesitation itself is the gift of color sense that only Yujiro Fudearashi has.

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Attracted by coincidence, SNS provides new discoveries

Bringing everything to reality by collaborating with circles is purely coincidental. I was normally browsing the timeline of instagram, and one of the works of Fudearashi Yujiro has caught my attention. This was the work model from the daily photos in instagram hiromu__y that i have enjoyed which was a model called "Hirom". The charm of Hiromu was expressed beautifully in this work, and i still clearly remember that it was like getting devoured by the charm.Again, Art by Yujiro Fudearashi somehow gives you a taste of Japanese style. I don't know if the saying that "the elegance" that Japanese have is true or not, but adding the shiba dogs all around the world would be off to a great start. That would be the most ideal combination for an art piece.
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Matchup with Japanese hand made paper makers

Nara Prefecture traditional Yoshino hand made paper I've specially printed in a traditional Japanese craft called Yoshino's handmade Japanese paper. The handmade Japanese paper is not produced by a machine, but manually by skilled craftsmen. Even Japanese people are rarely able to obtain this handmade Japanese paper.A detailed picture cannot be printed like normal photos, but the texture is rich and the soft picture matches the soft surface. A photo cannot usually be printed on the hand strained Japanese paper, but with the highly skilled Japanese artisan, each one is finely printed. Please take this chance to have one of your own. It will look wonderful if you put it up on your wall in a frame.
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Interview with Fudearashi

A: If you're not used to copic, it's very hard to handle. It smears easily. But that makes it interesting. I feel I'd like to see how well I can rise to the challenge of learning how to handle the method.
A: When I was in fifth grade of elementary school, a student who was very good at drawing was transferred to our school. From that time, drawing became very popular in our class. Everyone would draw their own works and show them to each other, and when I first started I was embarrassed at how bad I was, so I started practicing all the time. That starting point was definitely what led me to where I am now.
A: I'm actually awkward and not familiar with Copic, it might splurt or may be blurred. but's that sounds quite interesting. I felt something inside me wanting to take the challenge on how to make it great.
A: At the time when I was grade five, there was a kid who was good with drawings that transferred to our school. Then, "Drawing" became the trend that time! We would show each other our drawings, but my drawing was terribly poor so i did intense practice! That led to what we see right now.


A: Rather than stating a message, I think I'd like to bring something out of those who view my works. I hope I can do this through the use of the many different colors in my works.
A: Just like the theme , she is loved by many people because of her charm as it is. For me , the thought of wanting to know is what's attractive .
A: I hope that many people would have the chance to look at my work , so I am thinking of more opportunity to be present in the public eye from now on.
A: Of course you can! If you have a request,please contact me oninstagramorFacebook

About Yujiro Fudearashi

Fuderashi Yujiro
Born on July 30, 1984,Female
She is a Japanese illustrator,
and also has a history on being a manga author.
Born in Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamoto City Lives in Oita prefecture.
Graduated from Oita Prefecture
College of Arts and Culture with course in Arts and Crafts.
Blood type is A type

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